I started this blog out of the passion and desire to share experiences and knowledge learned about how to live the life of a busy, young professional and still shop and cook for yourself and others in a way that is most conscientious about nutritional needs, decreasing your carbon footprint, and incorporating creativity and thriftiness everyday into this thriving lifestyle.

As a student in high school, my parents worked full-time jobs that withheld the family’s attention to a diet full of various ingredients and fresh produce. I played on team sports every season, so nutrition and tasty dishes were definitely on my mind as an important helper in promoting my physical growth and health. As an undergraduate student in the city of Washington, D.C., I was further taken away from the benefits and uplifting flavors of farm and orchard vegetables and fruits. Dependent on chain restaurants and large grocery stores, I became more separated from the food that my body digests and absorbs to live and prosper for that day and the next. Towards the end of my Bachelor’s, I decided to volunteer in France for two months as an organic volunteer through the WWOOFing organization to learn more about if organic and sustainable farming was all that I read it to be. Of course, yes, I instilled my beliefs in knowing that organic and sustainable farming benefits everyone along the food chain and community: producers, neighbors, travelers, consumers, volunteers, animals, etc.

Join me in further exploring how dual ingredients can benefit our health! Even if you parents didn’t teach you how, or the limits of your food buying options crippled your decision making ability, or you just don’t have time, we’ll make it work! Make goals and confidently know that you can achieve them! You have a forum of helpers, and I’m here to initiate learning about how easy and fun it is to become a healthy, reliable, and confident kitchen boss. We will discuss how certain ingredients compliment each other and have a way of making several other items look good and be healthier. Play hard and work hard… from market to kitchen.

Banner Photo courtesy of Flickr member Market Manager; “Red Onions”


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